Almaz Tolymbek, a PhD of Governance and Public Policy and Professor of Delta International University (Ottawa, Canada) has completed a two-week visit to our university. He has given a course of lectures to the students of the "Economics and management" specialty on the planning and development of realization leadership capacity, which is needed in the area of their future profession. During his visit, Professor Tolymbek A. participated in the international seminar "Financial literacy" organized by Department of International Collaboration. He shared experiences of Canadian stock markets and talked about the investment rules and instruments. At the end of his visit Almaz Tolymbek responded to the questions of Gulnara Karasha, the journalist.


 This is your second visit of our city. What changes have you noticed at once?

   I have not had a chance to walk around the new part of Aktobe, however I have noticed the new hotels, "Keruen City". I really like the new interior of ARSU main campus. Earlier I have looked through night views of Aktobe at Google Maps. And in reality it looks really impressive.

   The main directions of your activity are researches in the field of leadership and various trainings on this subject and management of human resources. There are important aspects for achievement of strategic aims of the person, the enterprise and the state. But they are not always properly used. How do you think what is the main reason?

   I think that leadership, strategic management and investing are the so-called critical success. These factors will lead to both personal and national development. They should be understood and used for creating synergy effect. If they are not viewed as integral parts, then this will likely lead to a less desired success.

   Nowadays young people are more charismatic, pragmatic and sometimes unreasonably ambitious... In my opinion human should be born with the leadership skills. What do you think about it?

I do not believe in born-to-be-a-leader thesis. Leadership is an aptitude that can be learned both in the family, school, summer camp, University, sports, social and political activities, and workplace. Motivation and opportunity are two key factors for success. In this regard, young people in Internet age have an advantage in learning about leadership best-practices and examples through multiple information and communication channels and formats. Increased human interaction in global scale really boosts ambition and leadership of personal development. This structure of opportunity has really extended its scope for the nowadays youth.

  You often make the speech to young audience. Your lectures are also attended by adults. What is your audience interested in the most? What are the most frequently asked questions?

   Among the topics of greatest interest are opportunities for studying abroad, the differences between North American and Kazakhstani students and questions about my professional plans and personal growth. I remember one of the local students said that he would like to repeat my experience of success. Of course, I am glad to be an example for young people. However, I think that each person is unique, talented on the way to achieving personal perfection.

   You know 6 languages. Is it your own interest in languages or necessity for achievement of your life purposes?

    I think that my interest in learning languages is inherent since my childhood. It has been a journey into another culture and a way of seeing the world from another culture's perspective. First, I was learning English, and then French, Spanish, Turkish, and just a bit of Italian and German. Of course, the respective ability to converse with people of other countries greatly enhances your chances of communication and making friends across the world.

     You often publish articles in editions with courageous statements on financial and economic subjects. And in general your thoughts are expressed in a simple proverb "Wise men learn by other men's mistakes fools by their own". Are you guided by this proverb in your life?

   To be honest, it is hard to follow this proverb if it relates to your own life. There is another Russian proverb that literally says: To live your life from the start to the end is not as easy as to cross a field. It means for me that you can't see your unfolding life journey as clearly as a wheat field on a sunny day, sometimes you may have to go through a dark wood of doubt and fear, you may have to flow down fast-running river of emotions, or you may have just to cross never-ending desert of solitude. I just try to remember words of a wizard from my favorite book, and a movie, The Lord of the Rings: We cannot choose the time for us to live, but we can choose the way we will live our own life within that time.

   You are very much respected in the historical Homeland and are often invited to Kazakhstan. You, probably, realize many professional objectives here. You aren't indifferent to reforms and you interested in changes of the country, are you?

   You are right, I view my own role as a sort of intellectual bridge by which North American knowledge can be transferred into minds and hearts of young generation of Kazakh people. I am also interested in analysis of reforms in Kazakhstan Higher Education. I really think Higher Education can act as an engine of positive changes in the economy and in the society. Here we can quote Chokan Valikhanov’s words: To break out of poverty and slavery, Kazakh people need freedom and education. Modern education helps nations to find their way to well-being and freedom.

   It is clear, that you are fond of languages and computer programs. All this is necessary in your work. What other interests do you have?

   Thirst for something new. Computer applications can be viewed as new ways of processing and presenting data, images, sounds, videos etc. My Bachelors degree was in the area of Applied Math and Computer Science. When I started practicing online education, I really saw a chance to enhance teaching effectiveness by using graphic and video design as well as by relying on interactive and real-time communication tools. So in the nutshell, I am attracted by my interest in anything new that provides me with a chance to boost my teaching and communication potential.

   Canada, where you live in, is a multicultural country. And each representative of different nations brings the part of culture in the general development of society. What Kazakh traditions does your family extend among Canadians and what have you learned from other ethnoses?

   My own cultural lesson learned in Canada is the following: Learn the history and culture of your own new country, which may have started quite a long ago (In my case it is before the 1st Europeans arrived at North America). Then, try to learn about those different cultures that arrived later. Finally, try to find your own place within that mosaic of cultures while keeping your own sense of Kazakh identity. I think, intercultural Interaction helps strengthen your own sense of identity and so then you can share your own lessons with people of your historical motherland.

Thank you for your questions!

Thank you for the interview. Have a good trip!


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