about the order of criticizing
reasons in a scientific magazine

«Қ.Жұбанов атындағы«Ақтөбе өңірлік мемлекеттік университетінің Хабаршысы

-Announcer Аktobe regional state university by  nameК.Zhubanov»



1.All scientific articles entering release of "Announcer Аktobe regional state university " are subject to the obligatory criticizing.

2.The managing editor of magazine determines accordance of the article to the profile of magazine, to the requirements to registration and sends her to criticizing to the specialist, doctor or candidate of sciences, having near to the theme of the article scientific specialization

3.The terms of criticizing in every special case are determined by the managing editor of magazine taking into account conditioning for the maximally operative publication of the article.

4.In a review next questions are illuminated : а) accordance of maintenance of the article of the theme indicated in the name; б) availability of стилистики of language, evidentness of tables, diagrams, pictures and formulas; в) expediency of publication of the article taking into account the before published materials; г) positive parties and (or) lacks of the article, if present, recommending an author on a correction and (or) revision of the article. A reviewer recommends taking into account the correction of the marked defects or does not recommend the article to the publication in a magazine.

5.Organizations are notarized a review, establishment or enterprises of reviewer.

6.Criticizing is conducted confidentially. The author of the criticized article gets possibility to become familiar with text of review. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in case of statement of reviewer about anunauthenticity or falsification of the materials expounded in the article. 7.If in a review there are recommendations on a correction and revision of the article, the managing editor of magazine directs to the author text of review with suggestion to take into account them at preparation of new variant of the article or they are argued (partly or fully) to refute.

8.Article finished (processed) off by an author repeatedly head for criticizing.

9.Article not recommended by a reviewer to the publication, to the repeated consideration not accepted. Text of negative review is directed to the author by e-mail, by a fax or ordinary mail.

10.The originals of reviews are kept in the release of magazine during 3 years.




 The license on reregistration of Mass Media



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