1. The article is to be submitted in electronic form (on mass storage devices) or by e-mail. The electronic version is to be made in Microsoft Word, 2010 format.

2. The manuscripts are to be carefully verified and edited by the authors.


General order of an arrangement of parts of article

 * IRSTI (Inter-state rubricator for scientific and technical information), (font size 12)

* Headline of the article (font size 12, bold type, capital letters)

* Initials, authors’ surnames (font size 12, bold type, capital letters)

*Place of employment (font size 12, light italic)

*Abstracts in three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English, font size 10, length up to 100 units)

* Key words in three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English, font size 10,upright font, words – in light italic)

* A referee report of a Doctor or Candidate of Sciences is to be attached to the article.

*Tthe author(s)’ names are to be written in full form, place of employment, a postal and e-mail address, and also office and mobile phone numbers.


Structure of the articles


          The text of the article (font size 12). Articles of experimental character are to contain the following sections: Introduction (without heading), Material and technique of research, Results and their discussion, Conclusions. Subtitles are printed on the center. (font size 12, bold italic type). In the heading "Natural Sciences" the Latin names of plants and animals which are provided in the text are printed in italic type. 

            Tables and drawings are numbered as their mention in the text, each table and drawing have to have the heading (bold lower case font), the text of the table is to be printed by font 10..

Abbreviations. Only the standard abbreviations – names of measures, physical, chemical and mathematical values and terms, etc. are allowed. All abbreviations are to be expanded, except for a small number of the most common ones. Names of institutions are to be given fully at their first mention in the text and at once the standard abbreviation is to be given in brackets.


List of references

          The list of the sources used is to be issued according to National State Standard  7.1-2003.

For instance:

 1..Ansartov RM, Aizikov M.I., Rasulova S.A., Method of quantitative determination of leukomycin // Vest. KazNU. Sulfuric chemistry -2003. - T.1.№8. -FROM. 40-41 (journal articles)

2. Abimuldina S.T., Sydykova G.E., Orazbaeva L.A., Functioning and development of the infrastructure of sugar production // Innovation in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan: Mater. Intern. Conf., Vienna, Austria, 2009. - Almaty, 2010.-C. 10-13 - (conference materials)

3. Kurmukov A.A. Angioprotective and hypopypidemic activity of leukomycin. - Almaty: Bastau, 2007. -C.3-5 (newspaper articles)

4. Sokolovsky D.V. Theory of synthesis of self-aligning cam mechanisms of drives [Electronic resource]. -2006. - URL: (reference date: 12.03.2009) - (Internet sources)

5. Petushkova G.I. Designing a costume: a textbook for universities / GI Petushkova. - Moscow: Academy, 2004. - 416 p. (books)





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